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The Risks of Burn Injuries for Maritime Workers

Maritime workers face a long list of potential dangers in the daily course of their work. One of the biggest risks they accept is burn injuries. Burn injuries can be caused by a wide range of issues, from human error and malice to malfunctioning equipment and inadequate maintenance. Unfortunately, the consequences of a burn injury in Spanish Fort can follow a maritime worker for the rest of their life.

That’s why it is essential to work closely with a maritime injury lawyer after a workplace accident. Our team of Mobile injury attorneys is ready to learn more about your workplace accident and help you pursue compensation. Give us a call at 251-473-4443 or get in touch online to set up a free case evaluation.


Causes of Burn Injuries in Maritime Settings

Fires and explosions are surprisingly common in maritime settings. Vessels carry a significant amount of flammable materials, as well as fuel and equipment. Explosions are most frequently seen in engine rooms, fuel storage areas, and cargo holds.

Maritime workers may also suffer burns when exposed to dangerous chemicals. Chemical burns can cause significant long-term damage and leave workers at risk of permanent damage. Workers may be unintentionally exposed to hazardous chemicals when handling cargo, performing maintenance work, or failing to use proper safety gear and equipment.

Electrical equipment can malfunction and cause accidents involving electrical shocks. When this happens, maritime workers can suffer painful electrical burns. These burns are often the result of faulty wiring or improper equipment maintenance.

High-pressure steam systems and hot liquids are another source of danger for maritime workers, often leading to painful and even life-threatening burns.


The Importance of Immediate Medical Care

When you suffer a burn injury, immediate medical care is crucial. Maritime workers may put off medical care until they return to shore, finish a shift, or have a break in their work. However, the prognosis for moderate and severe burns depends largely on how quickly an individual receives medical care.

Some injured workers who feel little to no pain from a burn assume that they do not need medical care. Third- and fourth-degree burns can destroy nerve endings, causing a victim to feel no pain or sensation at all in the affected area. This is incredibly dangerous and requires immediate emergency care.

If you’ve suffered a severe burn injury, first aid aboard a vessel may not be enough to help you. You may need to seek treatment at a specialized burn unit, such as the Burn Center at the University of South Alabama or USA Health in Mobile.

In addition to damage to the skin and nerves, your medical team must also prepared for the possibility of infection. The larger your burn, the greater your risk of infection is.


Short-Term and Long-Term Consequences for Maritime Workers

Short-term, maritime workers with burn injuries may experience significant pain and discomfort, struggle to keep up with their work, and experience stress and anxiety at work. As the wound heals, the individual may be left with scars that limit mobility and cause discomfort.

Long-term, injuries can lead to significant issues for maritime workers. Chronic pain can severely limit your ability to work, mental health, and overall quality of life. If mobility is an issue, physical therapy, and occupational therapy may become a regular part of your schedule. Medical expenses are often incredibly high, especially if you are unlucky enough to develop an infection. Those with visible burns may require psychological care to handle the trauma of a disfiguring injury.


Your Legal Rights

If you are injured as a maritime worker, there are numerous legal avenues you can check out. Under maritime law, you are likely entitled to maintenance and cure. If another person’s negligence led to your injury, you may also be entitled to other forms of compensation. Numerous laws may apply, depending on your position and how you were injured, so it’s important to talk to a Mobile maritime injury attorney as soon as possible.


Injured at Work? Call the Mobile Maritime Injury Lawyers at Fuquay Law Firm

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