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How Maintenance Errors Contribute to Maritime Injuries

The maritime industry is a critical part of the economy, both for the nation as a whole and Alabama in particular. Unfortunately, those who contribute to this essential industry have an increased risk of injury every time they report for work. A significant number of injuries are the result of maintenance errors, many of which are preventable.


If you’ve been injured while working aboard a vessel in Mobile, AL, you could be entitled to compensation for your losses. The team at Fuquay Law Firm can help you demand the full and fair compensation you deserve. Call us at 251-473-4443 to set up a consultation with our maritime injury team immediately.


Equipment Used in the Maritime Industry

Working aboard a vessel or supporting a vessel from land requires an enormous amount of equipment. The more equipment you add to a task, the more likely it is that one piece or another will fail at some point. Common types of equipment used in the maritime industry include:


  • Cranes
  • Mooring lines
  • Personnel baskets
  • Cables
  • Wind turbines
  • Hoisting equipment


Why Are Maintenance Errors So Common?

A number of factors contribute to the growing number of maintenance errors leading to injuries in the maritime industry. First, these types of equipment go through extraordinary wear and tear. They are often used on a daily basis and don’t see land for weeks or months at a time, limiting the amount of full inspections they get. Vessels often rely on repair professionals who work aboard the ship, and they may have limited tools or equipment to handle unexpected malfunctions.


Additionally, the sea itself increases the likelihood of a maintenance error. Equipment used on land benefits from a sturdy and stable environment. On the other hand, equipment aboard a vessel is always at risk of being caught in storms, rough waters, or intense winds. When that happens, the equipment may become damaged or suffer unexpected wear and tear. This can increase the likelihood of a failure down the line.


Types of Maintenance Errors

Many types of maintenance errors may occur in the maritime industry, leading to a wide range of injuries and accidents. Cranes are a crucial part of the maritime industry, used to move heavy cargo both on land and on vessels. They require significant ongoing maintenance, and when they fail, they may drop cargo on maritime workers, tip over, or otherwise fail.


Mooring lines are used to connect sea vessels to the land. Anything exposed to the elements for an extended period of time will wear down, and mooring lines are no exception. They may become frayed and either weaken their hold or snap completely.


Personnel transfer baskets are heavily utilized in the oil drilling field. They are essential for transferring workers to and from oil drilling platforms. When they aren’t regularly maintained or inspected, they may get stuck, slip, or come apart. Workers in the basket may fall out or slam into the side of it, suffering serious injuries.


Cables are at risk of the same issues as mooring lines. When they secure heavy equipment and cargo, their risk of breaking down increases dramatically. Regular inspections are needed to ensure that cables don’t snap at inopportune times.


Hoisting equipment is regularly used during offshore work. Depending on the task at hand, it may move workers, cargo, or equipment. When it fails, falling objects and slip-and-fall injuries are common.


Fighting for Compensation After a Maintenance Issue Causes an Injury

Depending on the nature of your injury, you could be entitled to significant compensation. At a minimum, maritime law requires that you receive maintenance and cure for your injury. However, if your maritime injury is the result of negligence on the part of the vessel owner or business owner, you may be entitled to additional compensation for your pain and suffering, lost earning capacity, and other financial losses under the Jones Act.


Choose Fuquay Law Firm for Your Maritime Injury Claim

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How Maintenance Errors Contribute to Maritime Injuries | Fuquay Law Firm

Discover how maintenance errors contribute to maritime injuries and the compensation you may be entitled to. If you've suffered a maritime injury in Mobile, AL, Fuquay Law Firm can help you fight for your rights. Call 251-473-4443 for a consultation.

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