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Can I Be Fired for Filing a Jones Act Lawsuit?

When you work as a seaman, you are protected under specific federal laws. This includes the Jones Act, which provides protection to seamen who suffer injuries while working on a navigable ship or vessel. Despite the fact that injured seamen have the right to Jones Act benefits, it is not unusual for employers to retaliate […]

Excessive Noise and Vibration—A Common Maritime Workplace Hazard

Maritime workers and the threats they face on a daily basis are in an entirely different world from those with no experience in this industry. Whether they work aboard the vessel itself or work adjacent to the water on a dock or port, seamen and other maritime workers are at constant risk of injury or […]

Dealing With Maritime Repetitive Strain Injuries

The work you do aboard vessels is physically demanding and exhausting. Unfortunately, it also exposes you to the possibility of repetitive stress injuries. The work you do can put enormous strain on the same muscle groups over and over, risking serious injuries that limit your mobility. It’s important to be aware of pain and discomfort […]

Why It’s Important to Follow Your Doctor’s Orders After a Maritime Accident

Maritime injuries are inevitable. By nature, maritime work is dangerous, and injured employees deserve compensation for their medical expenses, lost wages, and other related expenses. However, it is a two-way street. When you receive injury compensation as a maritime employee, you are expected to follow your doctor’s instructions, work towards full recovery, and avoid making […]

Injured on a Vessel by Defective Products

Maritime employers and employees are bound by different laws than those who work in other fields. Traditional workers’ compensation laws do not apply, so if you are injured while working in a maritime role, it’s important to know your rights. If you’ve been injured while working aboard a vessel, the team at Fuquay Law Firm […]

Workplace Hazards for Commercial Fishermen

Commercial fishermen enjoy active, physically demanding work that often pays competitively. However, this career path can also be quite dangerous. Fishermen face a much higher-than-average injury and fatality rates when compared to other industries, so with any fishing excursion, there is always a risk that it could be the end of someone’s career. If you’ve […]

Important Things to Know About Deckhand Injury Claims

When you are at sea, every worker’s role is a crucial one. Few others work in as rigorous conditions as a deckhand, a fact that puts them at substantial risk every time they go to work. If you’ve been injured while working as a deckhand, you need to know about your options for compensation. Fuquay […]

10 Most Common Commercial Diving Injuries

Commercial diving is a dangerous job, whether you are performing repairs, doing research, or doing maintenance work. As a result, you may suffer commercial diving injuries at some point in your career. Learn more about common causes of injuries, and if you have been injured while working, call Fuquay Law Firm at 251-257-7337 to set […]