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Mental Health and Maritime Injuries

The maritime industry is known for being physically demanding, but people are finally starting to talk about how hard the industry can be on workers’ mental health. A growing body of research shows that those who work in this field have a significant risk of different mental health concerns, as well as less access to […]

Protecting Your Credibility During a Maritime Injury Claim

If you’ve suffered an injury during the course of your maritime work, you likely know about some of your rights. Whether you are entitled only to maintenance and cure or you plan on seeking compensation via a Jones Act claim, it’s important to protect your credibility throughout the course of your injury claim. If your […]

Lost Limbs and Amputations During Maritime Work

An amputation is one of the most devastating workplace injuries to affect those in the maritime industry. Even with prompt surgery and extensive physical therapy, those who suffer amputations often struggle with pain and limited functionality for months or years after their injury. If you’ve suffered a lost limb in the course of your maritime […]

How is Pain and Suffering Calculated in a Maritime Injury Claim?

As an injured maritime worker, you know how dangerous working on the open sea can be. Even the most careful worker can suffer unexpected injuries when something goes wrong or a crew member, captain, or vessel owner acts negligently. What happens then? Are you left to pick up the pieces on your own? You have […]

The Risks of Spinal Injuries Among Seamen

From hoisting full nets of fish onto the deck to repairing heavy machinery and navigating tight spaces, a seaman’s back is put under an enormous amount of strain every single day. It should be no surprise, then, that spinal injuries are fairly common. Unfortunately, a serious spinal injury could mean the end of a maritime […]

Jones Act Claims for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome can have a very limiting effect on your life. Not only can it impact your work, but it can also leave you with lingering pain, keep you from fulfilling your obligations at home, and require ongoing medical care. If you were injured while working aboard a vessel, you may be wondering if […]

Getting Fair Compensation for Nerve Damage After a Maritime Accident

A maritime accident can cause a wide range of injuries that may affect your career, overall health, and ability to care for your family. Nerve damage is an unpredictable injury that could heal completely without any medical care or leave you permanently disabled, which makes it difficult to get fair compensation. If you’ve been injured […]

How Keeping a Journal Can Help Your Maritime Injury Claim

You’ve been hurt while working your maritime job. Your to-do list is probably endless at the moment, between doctors’ appointments, updating work about your injury, and focusing on your recovery. However, adding one more thing to your list—maintaining an injury journal—can help you with your maritime injury claim. Find out how an injury journal can […]

The Risk of Maritime Electrical Injuries

A ship’s electrical systems are integral to its functioning and day-to-day operations. However, electricity is exceptionally dangerous when mixed with water. As a result, maritime workers who spend any amount of time working with electrical systems are at risk of serious injuries. Under maritime law, injured workers are entitled to compensation. If you’ve been the […]