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Jones Act Claims for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome can have a very limiting effect on your life. Not only can it impact your work, but it can also leave you with lingering pain, keep you from fulfilling your obligations at home, and require ongoing medical care. If you were injured while working aboard a vessel, you may be wondering if […]

Getting Fair Compensation for Nerve Damage After a Maritime Accident

A maritime accident can cause a wide range of injuries that may affect your career, overall health, and ability to care for your family. Nerve damage is an unpredictable injury that could heal completely without any medical care or leave you permanently disabled, which makes it difficult to get fair compensation. If you’ve been injured […]

How Keeping a Journal Can Help Your Maritime Injury Claim

You’ve been hurt while working your maritime job. Your to-do list is probably endless at the moment, between doctors’ appointments, updating work about your injury, and focusing on your recovery. However, adding one more thing to your list—maintaining an injury journal—can help you with your maritime injury claim. Find out how an injury journal can […]

The Risk of Maritime Electrical Injuries

A ship’s electrical systems are integral to its functioning and day-to-day operations. However, electricity is exceptionally dangerous when mixed with water. As a result, maritime workers who spend any amount of time working with electrical systems are at risk of serious injuries. Under maritime law, injured workers are entitled to compensation. If you’ve been the […]

Maritime Injuries from Chemical Exposure

Maritime workers engage in a wide range of dangerous work activities while at sea, and much of this work puts them in direct contact with potentially hazardous chemicals. Processing fish, underwater welding, improper ventilation, and tank cleaning are just some of the common causes of chemical exposure in the maritime industry. When a worker is […]

Airplane and Helicopter Accidents in the Maritime Industry

Getting to and from offshore work sites is one of the inconveniences of the maritime industry. While airplanes and helicopters are generally a safe travel option for maritime workers, there’s always an exception. When workers are being transported to and from offshore work sites, an airplane or helicopter collision can be considered a maritime accident. […]

Accidents and Injuries Among Ship-Breakers in Mobile, Alabama

Ship breakers fill an essential role in the maritime industry, but they are often poorly compensated for the demanding work they do and the dangers they face every single day. Not only is ship-breaking physically exhausting work, but it is also incredibly dangerous. Despite this, many who work in this role are unable to seek […]

Common Injuries Among Vessel Cooks and Stewards

If you think about maritime injuries, your mind probably goes to fishermen, commercial divers, and others who work in roles that exist only in the maritime industry. However, it takes a lot of people to keep a boat running—and they are all at increased risk of injury simply because they work on a boat. For […]

Important Things to Know About Lawsuit Loans

You believe you have a valid Jones Act claim, but your employer is pushing back. In the meantime, you have bills piling up and no way to take care of your family. At this point, you might start considering a lawsuit loan for your maritime injury, this is also known as a pre-settlement lawsuit loan. […]